Application Method - Smart Wipe Out Graffiti Remover

Removal Equipment

Goggles                        Gloves                        Nylon Bristle Brush / Roller or spray

Nylon Scourers           Wire Brush / Steel Wool "000"

Safety Instructions


Removal Setup

  1. On painted surfaces it is advisable to wet the affected area with water

  2. Use product undiluted

  3. Test affected surface for product reaction before complete removal begins


Removal Method

  1. Apply Smart Wipe Out Graffiti Remover with brush, roller or spray

  2. Allow a few minutes to penetrate

  3. Remove with a high pressure water gun

  4. Repeat steps 1 & 2 as required


On painted surfaces and cement rendered surfaces you may find the surface has a lighter colour after cleaning.  It should dry back to the original colour after 24 hours.  For stubborn graffiti, light scrubbing with a brush or 000 steel wool will help shift it.


If you are considering painting out graffiti, we recommend the use of oil base gloss enamel paint.

Application Instructions for Smart Protective Coating