Application Method - Smart Protective Coating

  1. Remove all graffiti from surface (if required)

  2. If the surface being protected is older than 6 months, cleaning will be required to remove all contaminates.  We recommend using Smart Graffiti Kill Heavy Duty.  This step is essential!

  3. If the surface is unpainted brick or concrete, apply Smart Wall Wash.  High pressure water blast off and leave for at least 24 hours to dry.  This process is essential otherwise contamination build-up of salts, limils and graffiti removal chemicals remain in the substrate causing leaching when the protective coating is applied.

  4. Make sure all surfaces to be coated are dry and dirt/dust free

  5. Apply protective coating with paint brush, roller or spray gun.  Temperature must be above 5oC before applying

  6. Will be touch-dry in 2-3 hrs

  7. We recommend a second coating which can be applied after 16 hours.  A third coat should be applied to high hit areas for best results

  8. Clean-up with general paint thinners

If applying through spray gun, the use of paint thinners is required as follows:

Airless Spraying    up to 10% thinners additive

Air Spraying           up to 25% thinners additive

Note: Smart Protective Coating has a pot life of 5 hours after opening the container to air.  It is recommended all the product in the container is used upon opening.  Do not re-use left over product after 5 hours.

Application Instructions for Smart Graffiti Kill